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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 3, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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twitter as well at dinsmoredesk. ah yes. have a good weekend. earl arrives. batters parts of north carolina. bringing heavy wind and rain. but no major damage. we will have cbs news news coverage up and down the east coast. airport shutdown. a passenger at miami international is arrested after a screener sees a suspicious package inside of a bag. power airport concourses had to be evacuated. we will bring you the latest. jobs, jobs, jobs. businesses are still not hiring enough. as the august unemployment rate goes up to 9.6%. what this could mean for the economy and your wallet. acid attack. a woman is nearly blinded by a
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complete stranger after having acid thrown in her face. she will tell her incredible survival story "early" this friday morning, september 3rd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs we are live with a special west coast edition of the broadcast. i'm harry smith. >> i'm erica hill. good to have you with us this morning. >> talk about a big storm. this is a really big storm. it is the size of california. >> yes. >> that's how big earl is. at 1997 on the west coast, all eyes are on earl. it brought rain and dangerous wind gusts as it brushes up the eastern seaboard. >> at this hour earl is centered east of ocean city, maryland. top winds now at 105 miles an hour. it is moving north at this point towards long island and towards cape cod and all those areas are
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bracing for the impact. >> we have reporters up and down the east coast this morning from north carolina to massachusetts. and we start with cbs news correspondent kelly cobiella in kill devil hills, north carolina, where they have been feeling earl ought night long. good morning, kelly. >> hours, yes, good morning, harry. for hours and hours and hours and as you can see here, the strong winds and heavy rains are still coming in waves here along north carolina's outer banks. this after a long nerve-racking night as earl brushed up along the coast. hurricane earl battered north carolina's coast with strong winds and horizontal rain for hours overnight. winds gusted up to nearly 70 miles an hour. water covered parts of the beach road. at one point more than 500 homes were without power. across north carolina's outer banks, at some 30,000 tourists cleared out. but there was no evacuation
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order for most locals. they boarded up businesses and bought generators and planned to wait it out. the big worries from the storm that stretches 400 miles, waves as high as 18 feet and a storm surge up to 5 feet that could push sea water and sand across the road. last year, a dorm left four feet of sand in bill jones' driveway. >> two weeks before i could get to the house to clear the driveway. >> reporter: remarkably it appears all of those worries did not materialize. so far it seems that damage along the outer banks is minor. in the words of the governor of north carolina, it looks like this state dodged a bullet. erica. >> kelly cobiella. thanks. we want to turn to dave price who who is watching earl along the coast in north carolina. that's where earl is moving on to next, the next target. >> reporter: you can hear the
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winds kicking up. the surf is obvious behind me the. ten feet. could go up 17 feet before the day is done. dodging the bullet is the theme of the day. trajectory heading out east. let's bring out the graphics and show where where the storm is, where it is going, what it will do. currently 130 miles east-northeast of cape hatteras with winds still of 105 miles per hour. c category 2. now moving to the north-northeast. the track will bring earl to the point it clips the extreme eastern end of long island. then clipping cape cod and keep in mind what that means is we have a tropical storm warning in effect from here to ocean city all the way up to cape cod, then a hurricane storm warning in and around the cape cod area. wind speed here and along the jersey shore, upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. as you head to long island, 30 to 40. really the case the big unknown now are for the cape. track continues as it is, 40 to
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50 with gusts higher than that. but keep in mind that it could have been a lot worse. these are finicky storms. big danger will be the rip currents up and down the eastern seaboard and that will last right through the weekend. no swimming here in ocean city all day today. we will continue to watch it. >> rough seas behind you there. thank you very much. it has been nearly would decades since new england had a hurricane. but earl is expected to pound the massachusetts coast tonight. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds is in cape cod. he has the latest from there this morning. dean, good morning. >> good morning. as you can see behind me, the fog is rolling in to cape cod right now. signaling the approach of earl. and it is the direction of the storm that's upper most in everyone's mind here because a slight shift in that course could save the people here a lot of trouble and money. from long island to cape cod, those on the eastern seaboard
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waited word on earl's direction. if it turns west could it run smack into long island and cape cod. if it heads east and out to sea, a billion dollars in damages might not occur. the red cross was storing up supplies and power company trucks were positioned on long island. while on cape cod, they were hauling boats from the sea. >> over 75 to 100 miles an hour in chatham. not worth the risk. >> reporter: there may be a state of emergency in massachusetts but there is no real sense of urgency yet. tourists strolled ashore and peered into the distance for an early glimpse of the big storm to come. what are you doing to be prepared? >> water, candles, food, ice. >> reporter: and while those along the shore on cape cod are being urged to leave, many are staying put and looking ahead to earl's departure. you are going to ride it out? >> hopefully back to the beach.
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>> reporter: while early has been downgraded to a category 2 hurricane, that still makes it the strongest storm to hit new england in 19 years. >> dean reynolds on duty in cape cod this morning. thank you so much. turning to more breaking news out of miami. the main airport is open this morning. it was shut down overnight after a suspicious package was found in a piece of luggage. cbs news correspondent bob orr joins from us washington with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. holiday weekend off to a tense start this latest airport scare in miami. authorities tell us now everything is get back to normal slowly but for search hours overnight, six terminals were shut down in miami. air important roads were closed. bop squad tech anythings moved in. around 9:00 last night, authorities spotted something suspicious in a checked bag. police found the owner of the bag and took that passenger into custody. police ask federal agents salt and pepper hours talking to the
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passenger. a 70-year-old scientist that had just flown into miami. sources tell us he's cooperating and no charges are expected. sources say the man had a canister in his luggage that looked like a pipe bomb. no explosives were found. we are told it is now being tested for other possible contaminants. the good news in all of in is the evacuation happened during nonpeak hours. very few flights were affected. >> bob orr in washington this morning. wall street is rallying this morning. thanks to some new unemployment numbers that are not as bad as some economists were expecting. a sign that things are getting better, let's ask cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are talking about a tends of a percent in the gross number, net number not as bad as some people feared. >> unemployment is still heading up. 9.6%. that's what we learned from for the month of august. the number of jobs lost in the month is actually less than what
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many were anticipating. 54,000 jobs still lost to the economy. but the headline out of the report is that it was better people thought we would lose more jobs. >> in a given month, a number of attrition of jobs, jobs go way, new jobs. in any given month, where was the balance of trade? >> the good news is private payroll are going up. private jobs were created in the month 67,000 of them. that's more than anticipated. the census jobs are really where we saw jobs coming out of the market. 114,000 temporary census workers. their work ended. also at the state and local government level. that's where we are also seeing jobs getting lost with those budget deficits running so high in many place. >> right. if you have a job right now, is there any -- what's the best news in all of this? >> the silver lining in the report is that if you have a job first off, you are working more hours but getting paid for those hours. the average payroll is going up six cents an hour. in the month of august.
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at least you are getting paid more for all of that, blood, sweat and tears. temporary workers increased in the month of august. that usually means that there will be more hiring down the road. >> i was wondering why my wallet felt so much fatter this morning. six cents an hour. finally, what do you think that -- what we -- through the last couple of months as we watched the numbers shifts around and changed, is there a way to look forward in terms of what you think this means n. >> the forward looking view now is that employers are running so thin with the employees they do have. there's likely going to be fewer layoffs going forward and employers said as much. the issue we are facing now is that more prif a job needs be created, 100,000 of them on a monthly basis just to see things stabilize to a normal level. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you as always. appreciate it. between want on get more news now. betty nguyen is at the news desk p good morning. >> good morning to you at home. we begin with the new oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. the good news is that it is not likely the bp disaster but it is
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just off the louisiana coast. and cbs news correspondent don teague is in new orleans. >> reporter: good morning. there were several frightening hours for the crew of this offshore platform. thankfully they all escaped the fire. the explosion and fire spotted by work others a neighboring rig. >> we could see a plume of smoke and that did draw our attention. >> reporter: there were 13 crew membersding routine maintenance on the platform when the fire started. their only escape by the flames the water. they jumped in wearing life jackets and locked arm for safety. floating together two hours before being rescued by nearby ships. >> all 13 members aboard the oil platform survived with no serious injuries. >> reporter: the first pictures of the fire were eerie reminders of bp's deadly deepwater horizon disaster. but vermilion 380 is owned by houston based mariner energy and
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it is not a drilling rig but oil and natural gas production platform. anchored to the sea floor in 340 feet of water. ordinarily it pumps 1400 barrels of oil per day from seven active wells. the company says that they are safely shut down and not leaking oil. >> there were no drilling activities under way. this isn't a blowout by any means. there were no reported chain or oil or spill around the facility. >> reporter: officials are trying to determine what sparked the fire on vermilion 380. 200 miles east of this damaged platform bp is making progress on its blown-out well. yesterday engineers removed the temporary cap they placed on the well in july. that's the one that cut off the flow of oil. and no new oil is flowing. sometime after labor day they will begin the process finally killing this well from the bottom. don teague, cbs news, new orleans. it is being called the largest human trafficking case in u.s. history.
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six suspects are under arrest and accused of luring 400 people from thailand to the u.s. with promises of lucrative jobs. the lab orrers were forced to work on farms in hawaii and dozens of other states. in washington, israeli and palestinian leaders left their first face-to-face peace talks in two years agreeing to meet again. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has more. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning. not only to meet again but to have a framework for peace in just one year. very ambitious goal for a decade's old stand-off. u.s. mideast envoy in george mitchell sounded optimistic note. >> i believe very strongly deeply and personally that this con fluk can be resolved. >> reporter: senator mitchell's optimism may be premature. each side faces a divided if you. for israel, jewish settler set.
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for the palestinian radical group hamas repewses to recognize the state of israel and rejects the leadership of the palestinian authority. secretary of state clinton who will attend the mid except summit says that the united states will be actively involved in the negotiations. >> for our part the united states has pledged its full support for the talks. and we will be an active and sustained partner. >> reporter: in mideast dip diplomacy there is always a crisis lurking around every corner. the palestinians say if it isn't extended talks are over. but extending it could break up prime minister netanyahu's governing coalition. >> thank you, bill. and embarrassing moment for arizona governor jan brewer is making the rounds on the internet. during a debate wednesday the governor suffered through a painfully long pause. >> we have done everything that
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we could possibly do. we have -- did what was right for arizona. >> she doesn't think she will debate again during this campaign. let's go back to dave price and ocean city, maryland, and get our first look at the weather across the country. good morning, dave. >> the wind kicking up. i want to point out two things quickly. that gentleman in the orange, part of the ocean city beach patrol, he's pulling people out of the water immediately as they step foot in it. it tells you, of course, how dangerous the waters are. there is no one allowed in the
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that's a quick look at our national maps. it is the rip current, water that's the big threat through the weekend, up and do you believe the eastern seaboard regardless of how far out earl goes. >> very good point. thanks very much much, dave. it may look okay out there. but it is not. still ahead, a woman attacked with a cup of acid by a complete stranger. she going to share her story of survival. the best deals on four wheels. find out why labor day is the best time to buy a new car. >> just how clean is your kitchen? chances are not very. you prob client pass an inspection. we will tell you why. we'll tell you how to clean it up. this it "the early show" on cbs.
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just ahead, it's an incredible story out of washington state. a woman parks her car, going to get a cup of coffee. a woman arrives out of nowhere, throws acid in her face. luckily, she was wearing sunglasses. you can see the aftereffects of that attack. also coming up this morning, they have these brand new restaurant kitchen inspections in new york. where they give you a letter grade. we're afraid to say that if the inspectors came to your kitchen and checked out your household kitchen, you may not get a very good grade. >> don't throw that at me. >> i'm just -- >> my kitchen? >> to the general audience. >> what grade would you get? >> a-plus. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by expedia. the best travel tools are all in one place. where you book matters. expedia. home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen,
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, a helicopter is down on highway 101 in salinas right now. it crashed up site do you know on the freeway at about 6:00 this morning. the pilot survived the crash. the bodies of two of the victims in yesterday's small plane crash in redwood shores are still in the submerge wreckage. they are being left there while the investigation into what caused that crash is conducted. the plane expected to be lifted out of the lagoon sometime today. and about an hour and a half from now, homicide investigators will resume a search at a landfill in pittsburg. they are trying to find the body of frederick sales, who has been missing since has father was found dead in their home in hercules. the son's body may have been placed in a dumpster near that home. traffic and weather right after this.
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,, ♪ express yourself
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♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. good morning. as john just mentioned, major delays on southbound 101 through salinas. had a helicopter crash around 6:00 this morning. and all southbound lanes of 101 are still completely shut down between airport boulevard and abbott. a lot of people are trying to
7:28 am
head out of town for the long holiday weekend. so expect big delays down from monterey, salinas or big sur. there is going to be an investigation that could take a while to wrap up. no estimated time when they will re-open lanes. they are detouring cars off at airport boulevard. expect delays in the northbound lanes, as well. out to oakland now, northbound 880 at oak street we are just getting word of an accident. don't have a lot of details right now but it sounds like it may be blocking at least one lane. and out to the bay bridge toll plaza, our bright spot, no metering lights and no delay heading into san francisco. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. >> quite a bit over the past 24 hours, low clouds and fog have moved in along the coastline. that fog is back toward the beaches, a sign of the heat wave coming to and. still going to be hot in spots out there well inland seeing temperatures moving into the upper 90s. 70s and 80s inside the bay and you're looking at mainly 60s at the coastline. next couple of days the temperatures will continue to cool off a bit. i think as we head through labor day looking good but middle of next week well below average. ,,,,
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♪ i hope you know who that is. if not, you are about to find out. a little usher for you on friday morning. welcome back to "the early show." >> i think it is big usher. >> it is big. >> massive amounts of usher coming up in our secretary hour. hanging around for that. >> absolutely. also ahead we know times are tough. lot of people giving up things like eating out. maybe eating more at home. turns out that may not the best idea for your health. a new study that finds one out of every seven homes would fail the kind of kitchen inspection that restaurants get. actually say that's conservative. because it could be worse. depending on the number of people that answered this. here is a tip. careful of the kitchen sink. we are going to tell you how you can make your kitchen a little
7:31 am
healthier. >> throw out your sponges. experts tell thus time is the best time of year to buy a new car. there are big sales going on this labor day weekend. dealers have to make room for new model. they are cutting deals left and right. we are going to tell you how to save the most money. >> before we get to all of that, we want to get thank you latest on hurricane earl. kelly cobiella is standing by in kill devil hills, north carolina, where she has been feeling a fair amount of earl this morning. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. not the most pleasant of conditions here in kill devil hills or along the outer banks of north carolina. we are hoping to be done with the worst of earl by now. as you can see, we get -- we are getting periods of the driving rain and sideways. very strong, gusty winds, gusting up to 40 miles an hour at some points. and this is happening throughout the outer banks area. now, as we drove around early, early this morning, we did not see any major damage despite all
7:32 am
of this weather. we saw some siding off of buildings, plastic sidings. flooded streets. emergency officials are waiting until a lot of this calms down before they get out and assess what kind of damage they are seeing here along the coast. >> you mentioned you are hoping -- you were hoping it will be done. the waves keep coming through. how much longer do you expect the weather to last? >> reporter: well, so far we have been dealing with this since about 2:00 in the morning. now we are being told by local emergency officials here that it could last another three hours. so the winds dying down, the rains die down. and getting out on the roads and see what this storm has done. >> hopefully at that point you will have a chance to go inside somewhere and dry off. kelly, thanks. we appreciate it. here's harry. now a disturbing story from
7:33 am
washington state where a woman is lucky she wasn't blinded this week when a passer-by threw acid in her face. betty nguyen is here with more on this shocking story. >> so tragic. good morning. bethany storro, the 28-year-old has been virtually deaf since childhood. last monday she was viciously attacked by a complete stranger. as the police search for the suspect the brave young woman is describing what happened for the first time. with her parents by her side she recalled the violent random attack that may have disfigured her for life. >> it was the most painful thing. my heart stopped. i almost passed out. >> reporter: earlier this week the 28-year-old was celebrating a new job when she got out of her car in an upscale neighborhood in vancouver, washington. out of nowhere, a stranger appeared. >> hey, pretty girl. she turned and said do you want a drink of this. my daughter said no, i'm going
7:34 am
to starbucks. i'm all right. the woman threw this acid substance, some sort of acid in her face. >> reporter: she stumbled to the ground as skin on her face bubbled. she could literally hear it burning. >> it ripped through my clothes the instant it touched my shirt. >> she had her face in her hands and screaming it burned, it burned. >> reporter: storro described the suspect as an african-american female in her mid 20s. a police spokesperson said they have not locate ad witness. >> wake up in the morning and i'm going to carry some acid in a cup and throw it at the first person i see. >> reporter: the woman that threw acid ran away as the passer-by called 911. storro was rushed to the hospital where she is being treated for severe burns on her face. >> only area that's spared
7:35 am
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>> up next, is there danger lurking in your pots and pans? okay. a new health stud why you looks at what is cooking in your kitchens. it is not good. at what's cooking in your kitchens, and it's not good. we'll be right back. ♪
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this morning, dirty kitchens. according to a new study if you gave every home kitchen the kind of health inspection restaurants received, one out of seven kitchens would fail. that might explain a few of the 76 million cases of foodborne disease we see every year. jennifer ashton is here with more. disgust. one out of seven kitchens wouldn't pass the test. that was conservative, they said. it is probably worse in reality. >> precisely why i stay out of my own kitchen.
7:40 am
but in actuality, erica, there are number of foodborne illnesses every year, resulting in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 estimated deaths due to foodborne illness. this is not an insignificant issue. >> it is ear just. actually a number of them also go unreported. numbers could be potentially higher. >> absolute. >> i what is it? where's the germiest, grimeiest, most bacteria laden spots in the kitchen we need to clean up? >> anywhere that you put your hands from the second you walk in your kitchen. remember, you can potentially bring germs into your kitchen before you start cutting. anywhere from the faucet and sink to the refrigerator and to the stove handles and everywhere. but these are really the biggest hotspots and start really with what we use to clean our kitchen which is are sponge. >> can i just say this is a plea to everyone, don't use my dish sponge on the sink or counter.
7:41 am
it is cross-contamination. >> exactly. it would be great if you could separate sponge for counters, sponges for your dishes. the easiest thing to do is every day for every other day, take your sponge and put it in your microwave for two minutes. when it is moist, so it should be a little wet, it kills most of all germs and bacteria. don't touch it when you take it out. it will be hot. heat does kill bacteria. >> also maybe better choice, may not be the most environmentally friendly, better choice for the countertops is paper towels. >> exactly. easiest things do. use one, if you have a cloth dish towel make sure you are washing it in high temperatures and high heat dryer regularly. if you are using a cloth dish towel, you want it to dry, air-dry, before you use it again. bacteria loves moisture. >> cutting boards, really important. plastic. >> now listen, this is a jaw-dropping statistics. cutting board, especially wood, bacteria can seep in, can have
7:42 am
200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat. plastic is better than wood. clean it well, put it in the dishwasher, high heat, soap, bleach, those are the best things. >> real quickly. high soap, beach, also hand sanitizer. these are all things we should use. >> clorox beach if you have wood countertops or cutting boards. stainless steel even better. >> keep everything separated. >> absolutely. >> stop using my dish sponge on the countertop. >> or like me stay out kitchen. >> or just order in. stay out of the kitchen. if you are looking for a new set of wheels, this may be your weekend. there you go. why this could be the best weekend of the year to buy a car. [ male announcer ] let's throw on those saturday clothes. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know start making things happen...
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. fancy feast created a wayhat to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon,
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white meat chicken, or seabass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. ♪ [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains. you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a more powerful clean, try new wisk. fight stains with science. this weekend could be the best time all year to buy a new car.
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cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is back with the reasons why the deals are going to be so good. good morning. >> good morning, harry. why labor day? >> labor day they're trying to move the old product out so they can bring in the new stuff. the 2010 models, they want them off the lot. you'll get a great deal as a result. zero percent financing for up to five years so you won't pay interest for up to five years. $3,000 to $5,000 in cash-back incentives. and you also get the best selection at this time of year. later in the year there might be slightly better deals but you may get an unfortunate color or something. >> the color you don't really, really want. >> exactly. >> so, these are the labor day perks. these are the incentives that are out there? >> yes. >> what kind of cars are we talking about? >> almostmy type of car will have some sort of incentive on it as long as it's a 2010 model and they're trying to get it off the lot. the compacts from the ford focus to the chevy cobalt those are looking at good deals because they are coming out with new
7:47 am
models. when they have the new model come out, they want to get rid of the old-looking stuff. trucks tend to have the best cash back offers. suvs also in that category. midsize cars, nissan i'm told has a lot of 2010 models, as does toyota. remember all the problems they had earlier this year with prius, this has good incentives. >> this is where car companies make the biggest profits, trucks and suv. i suppose as their inventory is finally coming down, they say, we'll cut you a break. >> it's important to remember, the type of deals, the incentives you're getting from that cash back to the financing, it's coming from the manufacturers themselves. not the dealerships. so the dealership, you negotiate with them on price. the manufacturers have these incentives. >> you have manufacturer incentives, dealers still trying to get as much profit out of every single car. what kind of resources do you suggest we check so we can be armed, as we talked about the other day, with as much
7:48 am
information as possible so we really do get the best deal? >>, they talk about buying used rather than new. has the top ten buys right now for the labor day weekend. and lastly, go to the manufacturer websites, the general motor, the ford, the toyota websites because there they list the incentives. >> here are our websites. >> go there first then the dealer. >> is that your number one buyer tip, do your -- as we always say, do your homework? >> yes. know before you go. do your homework before you head to the dealership lot. once you get to the dealership lot, you want to know the value of your trade-in so you're not just handing over a car and saying, whatever you give me for it, i'll take. you want to know that value. also on top of that, you want to know the incentives before you get there. lastly, negotiate on price with the dealership before you talk incentives. because price is, like i said, where the dealership can come around and you can have a little
7:49 am
negotiation. the incentives are set in stone. >> and you can check your trade-in value online as well. thank you very much. for more car buying advice, all you need to do is go to we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ everywhere i go ♪ i'll pass it on, ♪ around...and on...and on... edible arrangements. happiness is always in season. visit, call or go to
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7:52 am
harry's rocking out already. he's ready. not a little usher, as harry pointed out. big usher, big crowd, big excitement. "early summer concert series" continues this morning. usher on the plaza. also this morning, what if this weekend you were planning your wedding and you were going to be married on the outer banks of north carolina? >> oops. >> there's lauren and christian. their wedding is supposed to be
7:53 am
tomorrow. we hope the winds have passed by then. we'll talk to them. may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. ♪ a nutritious start to the day is essential. that's why carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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7:55 am
,,,,,, carnation instant breakfast essentials. it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the bodies of two victims still in the submerged wreckage of a small plane that crashed in redwood shores. they are being left there as investigators look into what caused the crash, which killed a total of three people yesterday. that plane expected to be lifted out of the lagoon sometime today. homicide investigators will resume their search about an hour from now in a landfill in pittsburg. they're trying to find the body of frederick sales. he has been missing since his father was found dead in their hercules home. the son's body may have been placed in a dumpster near that home. and the city of san carlos may soon have no police department. last night the city council voted to disband the department and contract out services to the san mateo
7:56 am
county sheriff's department. that plan, though, still needs approval from the county board of supervisors. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,, and save up to $500 on selected mattress sets. even get 3 years interest free financing on tempur-pedic. only through labor day ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep. ♪
7:57 am
good morning. better news in salinas at the scene of this earlier helicopter crash. chp was able to open one lane of traffic so the right lane is closed but the left lane is now open on southbound 101 as
7:58 am
you approach airport boulevard. the crash first happened around 6:00 this morning. we are told that traffic is backed up about a mile to at least laurel drive. so we'll continue to watch it there. in the meantime, across the golden gate bridge, nothing but a lot of fog. otherwise, your trip across the span looks great. 880 through oakland, busy but moving as you head up towards downtown oakland. and the bay bridge toll plaza no delay if you are commuting into san francisco. they never even had to turn on the metering lights. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> fog out there cooling things off around the bay area. the heat wave is winding down. still hot in some spots but not in the city of san francisco. the transamerica building shrouded in low clouds and fog this morning the dense stuff lifting. mostly sunny skies in the bay area. inside the bay 70s and 80s, 90s in the interior, at the coast patchy fog on and off throughout the day today and temperatures cooler. over the weekend, high pressure is weakening so cooler temperatures, more fog on the way. looks like we'll be headed well below average as we look toward the middle of tuesday and wednesday. some of those temperatures
7:59 am
lucky to get in the 70s. allergies put me in a fog. now i'm claritin clear. claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms without drowsiness... i stay as alert and focused as someone without allergies. for me, claritin is the perfect allergy medicine.
8:00 am
♪ it is kind of remarkable, right? it's kind of remarkable that in a universe these people would find themselves here on this friday morning. >> all wearing the same hat. welcome back to "the early show." i'm harry smith with erica hill. we're getting all pumped up with usher. he's going to be with us to perform in our early summer concert series. you'll hear music from his latest cd and greatest hits as well. looking forward to that. can you say yeah. >> yeah.
8:01 am
remember this morning, no more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks. how about all that. it's time to go back to school. how can you help them with back to school jitters. especially younger kids, starting preschool. parents you have jitters, too. we'll help you deal with that. >> they are afraid of the first grade teacher. >> were you afraid of your first grade teacher? >> no. but one of my kids was. shaking. the traditional wedding vow, in sickness or health. maybe this weekend it should be changed to come rain or come shine. >> just like the song. >> can you imagine if you had a wedding planned for this weekend? >> the stress level would be really high. >> we're going to talk to a nervous bride and groom to be. >> a beautiful couple. >> they look gorgeous. we hope the winds are subsiding. maybe they will be able to pull this off after all. >> i think they will be able to. before we get to that, dave
8:02 am
price is watching hurricane earl. he's in ocean city, maryland this morning where earl is starting to knock on the door there. dave, we'll get another check of the weather from you. >> all right. harry, erica, in every storm, there are two. these are the two. james an
8:03 am
8:04 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by comfort inn. after a long day of vacation, relax with comfort inn. >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by comfort inn. after a long day, relax at comfort inn. >> they would be grounded if they are my kids. that's all i have to say. dangerous, all kidding aside. high heat in places like carolina and strong thunderstorms in the southern plains. back to you guys in new york. >> all right. thank you, dave. and good morning to you at home. miami international airport reopened this morning after being shot down by an overnight security scare. most of the airport was evacuated and a traveler was detained when screeners found a metal canister in his luggage. let's get more from shari, wafr tv. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that man is being detained and
8:05 am
questioned by local and also federal officials. cbs news has confirmed just a short while ago that the man in question is 70 years old and is a scientist. apparently he had a canister in his luggage that greatly resembled a pipe bomb. federal and local law enforcement are interviewing the man who is being detained at this point. however, no charges have been filed and the man has not been arrested. the canister, which caused the suspicion, has been testing. what we are learning so far, there is no trace of explosives. that is very good news. an fbi special agent at the airport also tells me the man is a u.s. citizen and is cooperating with authorities. again, no charges have been brought at this time. this all started about 9:30 thursday evening when this passenger came in on an international flight from brazil and was going through customs and federal officials detected something suspicious. now, a federal statement that
8:06 am
was released tells us, and we have learned, four of the six terminals here at mia were evacuated as a precautionary measure. also, the airport roadways on several parts of the airport were closed off. however, no flights were canceled. there were three flights that were to come in during this time while the airport was being evacuated. those flights were simply diverted to another section of the airport. right now things are running smoothly again at mia after the airport was evacuated for seven hours. this man, the 70-year-old scientist is indeed now being questioned. >> thank you. unemployment numbers for august are out this morning. the number of jobs in america fell by 54,000 last month. that was less than analysts predicted. the unemployment raise by 0.1% to 9.6%. if you have a job you're
8:07 am
probably paying more for your health insurance. a new report found the average contribution for family coverage climbed 14% to nearly $4,000 this year. contributions for single kompbl grew 15%. on average, companies pay at least 70% of the total premiums. a federal investigation is getting under way in the gulf of mexico to determine what caused an explosion and a fire on an oil rig off of louisiana. unlike the bp disaster in april, there were no serious injuries in yesterday's explosion and the coast guard says no oil is leaking into the water. and a feeding frenzy off the coast of australia this morning. a helicopter spotted hundreds of tiger sharks hunting as a group. the shark circled and attacked a massive school of fish. some sharks could be seen eating right through the middle of the fish. that's wild looking. back to harry. >> thanks. coming up next, when we come
8:08 am
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new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. in this morning's "healthwatch," classroom stress. in this morning's healthwatch, classroom stress. millions of kids are starting a new school year, some are heading back, some starting after labor day. here is some advice for all of us to help calm back to school jitters no matter what the age. >> yes. >> some parents can take note of this as well. this really does -- it's normal to be a little nervous. you're anxious, excited, starting a new school year. could be a new classroom, could be a new school system. when you know this is really a problem for your child, more than just the normal. >> right. it's hard to know the difference between anticipatory anxiety versus a problem. if they are crying all the time, getting sick a lot, don't want
8:12 am
to go, stomach aches, headaches. not just the normal sick, i won't get out of bed, i don't want to go. you have to figure out what's making them nervous. it could be school. >> if it is school causing the jitters, you've broken this down by age starting with preschoolers. >> this is a big deal. this could be potentially the first time they are separating from mom and dad. >> absolutely. you want to try and help them do it as easy as possible. you haven't done this yet but you want to build inspirations so they get used to not being with mom and dad. you want to read with them a lot. you want to give them as much time to start to get ready for school. stay positive. you mentioned parent anxiety. parents get nervous and kids pick up on that. visit the classroom and get names of classmates so they know what they are expecting going on. >> make it more familiar after they get there. after preschool, big time. going to kindergarten. >> kindergarten and elementary school. some things apply. you still want to stay positive
8:13 am
as a parent and visit the school and classroom. that's also, the more familiar, the better. you want to focus on cooperation and discipline. how are they going to handle being in the classroom, with other kids, following the rules. you can practice reading, math, all those things at home outside of school in fun ways so they are really ready for all the school things that have to happen. >> give them an idea of what to expect, these are things to work on. >> in make ways, easier with young kids. for the most part they do get excited. older, from elementary to middle school, this can be a scary time. you're heading to the preteen area, heading to preschool. bullying becomes a bigger issue, cliques being a big issue. they start to separate more in middle school than high school. you want to be aware of how that might add into anxiety. talk about what to do, who to ask for, how to ask for help. there are those fundamentals. you want to think about organization. these kids have to keep classes,
8:14 am
keep different notebooks, time management, how to get projects done, how to increase self-confidence by involving them in things they enjoy. you're not going to put your pee-wee guy into football but he might be good at tennis. go with what will make them feel positive in their lives. >> you mentioned bullying can be a big problem, more so as they get older. middle school to high school, that's a major issue for kids. >> both. middle school into high school, all middle school. it's really being very careful of that. >> look out for bullying and those signs you mentioned earlier. >> yes. >> great to have you with us. i'm more relieved already. >> good. hope it's an easy transition. we are prepared to welcome usher to the plaza. his music old and new as our early summer concert series continues. stick around. you're watching cbs. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by walmart. save money, live better.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
lindsay lohan is taking a step back into the hollywood mainstream. she has a small part in the movie "machete," opening today. nancy o'dell is joining us with more. good to see you this morning. >> good to see you, too, erica. you know, the question that everybody in hollywood is asking, of course, can "machete" cut through all the bad press lohan has gotten this year and can moviegoers separate lindsay's character. >> reporter: the stars rolled up in style for the los angeles premiere of "machete," co-star lindsay lohan's first film in three years, but she was a no-show. >> lindsay was asked not to be there because her personal problems would detract from the actual film. >> reporter: still lohan's
8:18 am
filmmakers say her performance in "machete" is a razor sharp comeback. >> she's amazing. >> i can't wait for people to see it because it will remind them, oh, yeah, there's an actress behind all the distractions of the paparazzi. >> reporter: lohan's latest legal troubles began less than a year ago. she showed up more than an hour late to her beverly hills probation hearing. >> the court is also going to -- >> reporter: and it got even worse. in july she was a no show for an appearance and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab. she served only a fraction of those sentences. everybody is saying she got off easy when it came to the law. but do you think that she is paying careerwise? >> she's certainly paying careerwise. if she really wants to focus on her career she needs to surround herself with smart advisers, smart people that can help her chose a role that's not a troubled personal backstory so she can achieve that career comeback she wants. >> love yeah. bye. >> reporter: it's easy to forget that before her run-ins before
8:19 am
the law she was a much loved star with endless potential. dressed as a nun and toting a gun in "machete" might do little to remind audiences of her skills as an actress. >> in this movie she has threesomes with her mother, naked for a big chunk of time, a scene where her father picks her up from a drug den. it's hard to separate her real life and the acting right there. >> reporter: so you're not really going to be focusing on her performance? >> that's exactly right. >> and, unfortunately, it is hard to revive a film career when it's on what some are calling the hollywood equivalent of life support. as you'll recall, her last movie "i know who killed me" was one of the most notorious flops of 2007. we hope that doesn't happen this go round. >> not helpful when you look at all that. also as we heard from the hollywood reporter, the role itself may not be the best vehicle for lindsay coming back,
8:20 am
although obviously this was shot a little while ago. is there one particular role that could help her restart her career? >> i think her advisers are telling her and observers by watching say she needs to remind the public what a good actress she really is. and she really is. lindsey powers with the hollywood reporter suggested doing fallen apart in an ensemble drama then all the focus wouldn't be on lindsay. something that shows an image or emotions. perhaps she would follow robert do downey jr.'s lead. for example, he did "iron man," everybody said that was a can comeback. i think people would be pulling for him. >> and cease continuing to do well. she does have a little something coming up next which doesn't exactly fit that bill, does it, nancy? >> no. doesn't, unfortunately. when you hear this you just go, oh, no. it's not an action role or a role that will remind fans of
8:21 am
lohan's more innocent times. she's set to play the lead in a movie called "inferno" which tells the story of linda lovelace. it actually is a role that could show her talents as an actress because she is playing the lead or once again be a role where people can't get past the nudity and risque scenes. we'll just have to wait and see what happens. >> there are reports out that britney spears' old manager is now taking on lindsay lohan's career. what do you know about that? >> i've heard some of those rumors as well. we've seen britney do a little comeback and every now and then we see a misstep again. you would hope whoever is out there advising lindsay will do some of these things we're talking about. the thing we remember about lindsay and everybody is tending to forget her beginning movie and she was this really cute freckle-faced kid we all loved and adored in "parent trap" and
8:22 am
we want to see her go back to that and not go through these troubles. you know, the one thing i can say is that sometimes the bigger the fall that you take, the bigger the rise you can make. for lindsay, a lot of us are pulling for her out there. i've certainly interviewed her umpteen times. i have to say, she's a very nice young lady. i hope she gets it together -- >> and as the pendulum swings in terms of sympathy is starting to swing back in her direction. she comes out, does the "vanity fair," talks about -- they say she's really not addicted to prescription drugs, et cetera, et cetera. maybe, maybe, you know -- and i think you're right. people really do love a comeback. >> absolutely. we saw it with britney spears and -- >> you mentioned "parent trap" but also "mean girls," she was fantastic in that movie. >> nancy, thank you. it is interesting because there are days that headlines come up on her story and you're like --
8:23 am
>> not again. >> not another one. >> everybody's always happy to open the door, you know. >> and she's determined, too. still ahead this morning, ben and his family live on this block. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. re/max agents know their markets, and they care enough to get to know you, too. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
8:24 am
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8:25 am
investigators will resume their search about 30 good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, homicide investigators will resume their search about 30 minutes from now at a landfill in pittsburg. they are trying to find the body of frederick sales, who has been missing since his father was found dead in a hercules home. the son's body may have been placed in a dumpster near that home. the bodies of two victims still submerged in the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in redwood shores yesterday. they are being left there as investigators look into what caused that crash, which killed three people yesterday. that plane expected to be lifted out of the lagoon sometime today. and a helicopter is down on highway 101 in salinas right now. it crashed upside-down on the freeway about 6:00 this morning. the pilot survived the crash. traffic and weather right after this. ♪
8:26 am
♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge™ and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k® products. ♪ jeans don't lie.
8:27 am
but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. good morning. we'll take you out to the lower deck of the bay bridge. if your' traveling eastbound 80 at treasure island there was an accident involving a couple of cars. three lanes are blocked. traffic getting by into two left lanes. traffic is stacking up a little bit. it's still early and traffic is light as you can see this heading toward oakland. not a big commute day, either.
8:28 am
a lot of people take an extra long holiday weekend. so our drive so far isn't bad. bart with 10- to 15-minute delays now just fremont to millbrae. delays there. all other lines are on time as well as ace, muni and caltrain and they have one lane re- opened now in southbound 101 approaching airport boulevard after this earlier helicopter crash in salinas. it landed on the road. so right now traffic is stacked up about a mile if you're heading southbound 101. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth, some of the fog making its way onshore. the heat wave winding down now but still hot in some spots. but once the fog starts coming in, you have the onshore breeze, temperatures will cool off around the bay area. today starting out on the coastline inside the bay staying hot in the entire yor valleys into the 90s. 70s and 80s inside the bay. at the coast, we are seeing 60s for highs for the most part, low 70s. next couple of days we'll see more low clouds and fog swinging onshore and that's going to bring the temperatures down more so through the weekend and it's not going to top there. labor day will cool down, much
8:29 am
cooler temperatures expected as we head in toward tuesday and wednesday. well below average.
8:30 am
♪ awesome crowd all the way from southern illinois to odessa, texas. ♪ >> awesome crowd here all the way from southern illinois to odessa, texas. everybody is here because they want to here r&b sounds from superstar usher who is rocking the plaza, part of our early concert series. >> big crowd for that. looking forward to it. hearing from the five-time grammy winner in just a moment. we're also taking you back to the outer banks. hopefully we can make this work with the couple who is not letting the hurricane get in the way. dave price has the latest check
8:31 am
for us, not only your weather but where hurricane earl is off to next. good morning, dave. >> good morning, guys. the waves kicking up here. just a reminder, last week when danielle was making its rounds, as far out as it was, they did 500 rescues from the waters right off ocean city. keep in mind there was one fatality last week. that's with a storm that was much further out than this storm will be. so the rip current is the most dangerous factor up and down the eastern seaboard. we can't stress it enough. let's take a look as we head into the holiday what it's like across the
8:32 am
quickly, earl, a category 2, tropical storm warnings in
8:33 am
ef fro quickly, earl a category two, tropical storm warnings in effect from ocean city all the way up to cape cod. hurricane warning for cape cod. winds still 105 miles per hour moving north northeast just about 18 miles per hour. that's it from here. bad day to be near the water. in fact, no one allowed in the water off ocean city today. guys to you in new york. >> all right, dave. we will take it. dave, thanks. labor day weekend has always been a popular time for weddings. it is often a beautiful weekend. a windswept beach, a long weekend. today, though, clear sign it could be rough. hurricane earl barreling up the east coast as we've been talking about all morning. windswept takes on a whole new meaning. getting married in the outer banks tomorrow is the plan and this couple says no little hurricane will stop them. looking a little clear behind you. with us from kill devil hills. good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> good morning, how are you? >> we're great. you guys, from everything i've been told, have you a great
8:34 am
attitude about this. lauren, you're saying the show must go on, so the wedding is going to take place. is that right? >> yeah. we're going to do what we can tomorrow. our wedding coordinator nanette has been making a bunch of calls and making sure this will happen tomorrow for us. >> so it's going to happen. what at this point do you know is going to be different versus what you'll see versus what you had planned? >> depending on the level of wind and the amount of rain, we may or may not be able to put up the tent that's going to be on the sound side. so if that happens, we're going to have to take the reception part into a restaurant, a local restaurant for our plan b. >> okay. so you've got a back-up. i know you may be missing a few people you wanted to be there. some of your guests can't make it. >> a few of them are stuck points north. we're still hoping most of them can get in.
8:35 am
a lot are hovering north of the bridge to get on the outer banks. this is supposed to clear up later today. we're hoping anyone seeing this, still come. we'll be okay. we'll be eating outdoors tonight. >> there you go. as soon as you see the all clear the party will start tonight. get on that bridge, get on over. this is a really special area. people are saying, it's hurricane season, it's a little dicey this time of year. i know this area holds a special place in both of your hearts. >> yeah. my family and i have been coming here since the mid-80s 80s. we've had our house since 1992. it's a really special place. christian and i have been here a couple of different times together. so you know, rain or shine, it's still a special place and it's the place we want to get married. >> you have such a great attitude about it, lauren. i know a little nightmare scenario earlier this week especially for a lot of ladies. did you really lose your engagement ring in the water? >> yeah, i did, on monday. we were just hanging out in about knee-deep water throwing a
8:36 am
tennis ball. pretty harmless. i caught it. my hand went down into the water. my finger was i guess at the perfect straight angle and it slid right off. there's no way we were finding it. we looked about 15 -- 45 minutes actually. >> the surf -- we probably had 10 people out there combing the beaches looking for it, but the current is strong. it's pretty small. >> is it insured? >> it is insured. i'm still dealing with them. >> it's beautiful but it isn't all about the ring but about the wedding and the life you're starting together. looks like you're starting off on a great foot with a wonderful add tut. best of look. >> thank you. fifteen years since r&b superstar usher first sang and danced his way to the charts. he was only 14 years old back then. now a five-time grammy winner.
8:37 am
he's sold more than 45 million records worldwide. usher is now celebrating the release of his new cd and we're happy to welcome him to our early concert series. his single, dj got us fallin in love." ♪ yeah, man so, we back in the club ♪ ♪ get that body rockin' from side to side ♪ ♪ side to side thank god the week is done ♪ ♪ i feel like a zombie gone back to life ♪ ♪ back to life hands up, and suddenly ♪ ♪ we all got our hands up no control of my body ♪ ♪ ain't i seen you before? i think i remember ♪ ♪ those eyes, eyes eyes, eyes ♪ ♪ 'cause, baby, tonight the deejay got us ♪ ♪ fallin' in love again
8:38 am
yeah, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪ new york say yeah ♪ so, dance, dance like it's the last ♪ ♪ last night 'cause, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪ ♪ keep downing drinks like this ♪ ♪ not tomorrow that just right now, now ♪ ♪ now, now, now, now gonna set the roof on fire ♪ ♪ gonna burn this [ bleep ] down, down, down ♪ ♪ down, down, down hands up ♪ ♪ when the music drops we both put our hands up ♪ ♪ put your hands on my body swear i seen you before ♪ ♪ i think i remember those eyes eyes, eyes, eyes ♪ ♪ 'cause, baby, tonight
8:39 am
the deejay got us ♪ ♪ fallin' in love again yeah, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us falling in love again ♪ ♪ so, dance, dance like it's the last ♪ ♪ last night of your life, life ♪ 'cause, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪
8:40 am
'cause, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪ ♪ so, dance, dance like it's the last ♪ ♪ last night of your life, life ♪ 'cause, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪ get your hands up ♪ ♪ so, dance like it' last ♪ ♪ last night of your life, life ♪ ♪ gonna get you right 'cause, baby, tonight ♪ ♪ the deejay got us fallin' in love again ♪ [ applause ]
8:41 am
>> awesome. awesome. >> new york! >> yeah. >> i'm watching you from close up. this is what i see when i see you on stage. i see joy. what do you get from them when you're on this stage? >> man, it's the ultimate sense of connection with the fans. i do this music to make sure you guys enjoy it, make sure you guys love it, which is why i decided to do it once again. even though we released an album earlier this year, i wanted to do something special for my fans, because i felt like i didn't get a chance to say everything to you. when i'm connected to you right here, this is my best moment -- other than with my children -- these are the best moments i have. thank you very much. >> that's a good transition, because your boys are here. i hate to have to tell you this,
8:42 am
but one of them fell asleep during your song. >> that's the other usher. we in competition slightly. so he's like boring. >> what is best for you, when you're in the studio or on stage. >> oh, man. on stage. on stage. >> always? >> it's incredible to create a record because you know the fans are going to love it but you really love to get back to the stage. these are the moments that last forever. i mean, you can't buy this. you can, a ticket. but it's not like a record. these moments are just for you. new york, this performance is just for you. what happens here won't happen again. >> do you know when you're in the studio and when it's all working, have you ever been wrong about a song where you thought this is absolutely going to connect and it doesn't quite? have you ever been wrong? >> i've had a few moments like that. those records are kind of like
8:43 am
your personal favorites. you don't want to let it go, so everybody is like, it's your album so you're going to have what you want. everything might not connect. there's a deeper story. if you guys really listen to the lyrics, pay attention to the notes that go into the artwork -- i don't know if you even buy albums anymore. do you buy albums or download them? do you buy a physical copy? the artwork on this album is crazy. the lyrics, there's so many incredible messages inside the lyrics that not only speak to where i was at the moment but also might help with your moment. >> so good to have you here. we're ready for something else. >> a classic. >> a classic. >> they really acted to the connection between usher and female fans things. >> this is it. this exemplifies it. >> all right. let me take my jacket off. >> okay.
8:44 am
>> how are you feeling, y'all? anybody know this record? all of my ladies out there. yeah, new york, all of my females, this one is for you. ♪ there goes my baby ooh, girl, look at you ♪ ♪ you don't know how good it feels to call you my girl ♪ ♪ there goes my baby loving everything you do ♪ ♪ ooh, girl, look at you ♪ bet you ain't know that i be checking you out ♪ ♪ when you be putting your heels on ♪ ♪ i swear your body's so perfect, baby ♪ ♪ how you work it baby, yeah ♪
8:45 am
♪ i love the way that you be poking it out ♪ ♪ girl, give me something to feel on ♪ ♪ so, please believe we gon' be twerking it out ♪ ♪ by the end of the night, baby ♪ ♪ i've been waiting all day to wrap my hands ♪ ♪ around your waist and kiss your face ♪ ♪ wouldn't trade this feeling for nothing ♪ ♪ not even for a minute and i'll sit here ♪ ♪ long as it takes to get you all alone ♪ ♪ but as soon as you come walking my way ♪ ♪ you gon' hear me say ♪ there goes my baby ooh, girl, look at you ♪ ♪ you don't know how good it feels to call you my girl ♪ ♪ there goes my baby there she go, there she go, there she go
8:46 am
loving everything you do ♪ ♪ ooh, girl, look at you ♪ ♪ i feel like it's the first time every time we get together loving you feels better than anything ♪ ♪ everything put on my heart you don't need a ring i promise ♪ and i promise our time away won't change my love ♪ ♪ there goes my baby ooh, girl, look at you ♪ ♪ you don't know how good it feels to call you my girl ♪ ♪ there goes my baby there she go, there she go loving everything you do ♪ ♪ ooh, girl, look at you ♪ there goes my baby
8:47 am
ooh, girl, look at you ♪ ♪ you don't know how good it feels to call you my girl ♪ ♪ there goes my baby loving everything you do ♪ ♪ ooh, girl, look at you [ applause ] >> love you ladies. >> stay tuned, more with usher as the morning show continues. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:48 am
8:49 am
have a great labor day weekend. one more song from usher, everybody!
8:50 am
♪ ♪ new york city ♪ say yeah ♪ yeah man ♪ come on ♪ let's go ♪ in the club with my homeys ♪ keep it down on the low key because you know how it is ♪ ♪ from the claims she was in my ear you would think she knows me so decided to chill ♪ ♪ she had me ♪ come on ♪ oh she was saying come get me ♪ ♪ so i got her to the floor
8:51 am
♪ she told me ♪ got my girl ♪ yeah yeah ♪ next thing i know she was screaming ♪ ♪ yeah yeah ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪ she's all up in my head now got me thinking that it might good idea to take her with me 'cause she's ready to leave ♪ ♪ now i gotta keep it real now 'cause on a one-to-ten she's a certified 20 and that just ain't me ♪ ♪ 'cause i do know if i take that chance just where is it gonna lead ♪ ♪ but what i do know is the way she dance makes shorty all right with me ♪ ♪ the way she getting low i'm like yeah just work that out for me ♪ ♪ she asked for one more dance and i'm like yeah how the hell am i supposed to leave and i said ♪ ♪ yeah yeah shorty
8:52 am
got down to come and get me ♪ ♪ yeah yeah i got so caught up i forgot she told me ♪ ♪ yeah yeah 'cause if my girl knew it'd be best to hold me ♪ ♪ yeah yeah next thing i knew she was all up on me screaming ♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ let me hear you clap ♪ let me clap ♪ rock away rock away rock away ♪ ♪ and cut jj ,,
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
headlines... . it is 8:55, i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs5 news head lineups, the coast guard is work to go rescue 7 boaters stranded north of concord. three children are on board, they have been out there since last night. that's when their boat ran aground in shallow waters. one person has been in contact with a cell phone. the police are resuming the search in pittsburgh for a man who has been missing since the father was found dead. the son's body may have been placed in a dumpster near that home. and a helicopter is down on highway 101 in salinas, it crashed upside down on a freeway about 6:00 this morning.
8:56 am
we're told the pilot survived the crash. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. "eyewitness news" is brought to you by sizzler. thinking fresh every take. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] at jcpenney red zone clearance, get 80% savings on final markdowns, including 80% off clothes,
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shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. . good morning. back up to salinas, taking you to -- show you this picture. this is a helicopter that crashed onto the freeway after
8:58 am
6:00 this morning, cruz are intermitt episodely blocking both lanes of southbound 101 as you approach airport boulevard, they are attempting to remove that helicopter from lanes. traffic we're told is backed up to at least market street. there is also delays northbound 101 in that area, obviously a lot of spectator traffic, some, yeah, could cause major delays for much of the morning commute if you're heading out of town for the weekend towards caramel or fremont. a problem on 900 is an accident up on high street. that is your traffic. one last check, here is lawrence. >> we have sunshine all the way to coastline, that has changed, the fog has moved back in. that means the heat wave winding down. yesterday's temperatures not going to be there today. 7 the, to 80 inside the bay, 60s out toward the coastline, last weekend unofficially of
8:59 am
summer, well, we're going to see more clouds on the way, cooler temperatures, much cooler as we head in towards the middle. even get 3 years interest free financing on tempurpedic, the most recommended bed in america! plus get free same day delivery but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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